Lil Nas demon and Angel trademark, 666 shoes and other stuff that created an uproar

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Lil Nas x has been under fire for a number of times this year ,first it was his satan shoes with a drop of human blood on the sole. Yes ,You read that right human blood , I'm sure you can imagine the wreck this left in it's wake.He had collaborated with MSCHF to create the 666 pairs of kicks in March, prompting Nike which said it was not involved with the design to sue the Brooklyn company for copyright infringement and call for the sneakers to be destroyed.

Now we all know that one way to get people running off of their hinges is to mention 666 which for most equates to "the illuminati" ,scary! As if this wasn't enough the brave rapper came back with yet another one ,the satanic lap dance on his single Montero ,(call me by your name) and to say this created another stir would be an understatement.

Now ,following the release of his “Montero” album on Friday, the pop star has collaborated with Jean Paul Gaultier on a limited-edition design: a long-sleeved mesh top worth a whopping $390 printed with the demon and angel imagery that has become his trademark as of late.Lil Nas is so controversial he seems to be enjoying it , enjoying tormenting people who are against anything that has to do with the devil and demons.Most people rebuke these but he summons them and to add insult to wound puts them side by side with Angels. This is the reason people are so "repulsed" and against him.

The brand announced the collaboration on Monday, describing it as “a reinterpretation of the iconic second-skin mesh top from Spring-Summer 2001 collection incorporating Lil Nas X’s camp aesthetic.”

Even though he's gotten many people worked up Lil Nas X got a beautiful side that I think everyone would for once applaud him instead of criticise him for .The side we rarely read about ,like how as expected his album racked up millions of streams but, more importantly, he also raised tens of thousands of dollars for various charities with the drop of his debut album.

He has been subject to much criticism but he has never let that put him down.Most people see his being into stuff that the majority disapproves of ,that people see as being "evil" or "satanic" and the fact that he is a gay man doesn't make things easier for him. Nas is the angel amongst demons ruling over them that is if the crown they're placing on his head in the collaboration cover is anything to go by. He continues dishing out controversy and Art.

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