Shacks (informal settlement) to be BANNED in South Africa, to avoid illegal immigration?

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There is a large number of informal settlement in South Africa, compared to other surrounding countries. This is because the rate of illegal immigration in South Africa is very high. According to statistics, most of the illegal foreigners in South Africa are Zimbabweans and Nigerians. Most of these illegal foreigners live in shacks, which are known as 'Mikuku'.

For the past few months, a group of South Africans who are tired of illegal foreigners, formed a group called Operation Dudula. They are still operating, and they are targeting all illegal foreigners. They are saying that all foreigners without legal papers should go back to their countries.

One of the main reason they no longer want illegal foreigners in South Africa, is the crime rate which have increased. According to many South Africans, most of criminals in South Africa are illegal foreigners. One social media follower once said, if one visit any prison in South Africa, you can confirm that most of the criminals in there are illegal foreigners.

A social media follower took it on social media, saying that shacks (informal settlement) in South Africa, should be banned in South Africa to avoid illegal immigration. Her reason being that, that is where most of illegal immigrants and foreigners are hiding in. On her post, a video of illegal foreigners in a shack is seen. The illegal foreigners are holding guns.

However, not all of the people living in shacks are illegal foreigners. Some of them are South Africans who can not afford high rentals which are being charged by formal settlements landlords. The question is, is the banning of shacks a good idea? What do you think? Let's discuss below in the comments section.

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