7 Things You Should Never Try To Google


The world most visited website according to website traffic rankings is the Google Search. Most at times, due to the huge number of answers it always provide to our questions most often, we sometimes go extremely too surprised and due to that, we try to google anything that comes in mind just to see the type of answers we would get back.

While doing this, we sometimes end up taking into our brains very bad information. This is because not every information placed on the internet is right or true. Some information may be right though, but they require strict supervision and guidance for better a understanding.

Google SEO/Robots crawl and index webpages just to provide information to its visitors but not all of this webpages are verified and secured for anyone at all to visit from any location to the extent of even entering his or her personal information on this webpages though surveys or any form of data collection. The information you enter on some of this webpages are stored in their data base and is collected and sold most at times to fraudsters and scammers in exchange for money.

Because of this information and others, I have listed below Seven things you should never try to google.

1) Do not ever try to Google anything criminal.

2) Never Google your health problems trying to read solutions to them online. (this is because not every information provided online is safe and right).

3) Do not try to google dangerous animals. Specific countries has specific types of animals and some of this animals are very dangerous. The fear of knowing about some of these animals would make you fear travelling to new places around the world.

4) Never try to Google you name.

5) Never Google " Giving Birth" ; this is because the resulting videos you would see would discourage you from having children if you are a Female. (the pain is unbearable).

6) Do not Google anything which is Cancer related.

7) Do not Google Skin Diseases.

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