Aden Duale Life as a Teacher


Garissa Member of Parliament journey to politics didn't start as an interest in politics or as interest in leadership.Despite being born in one of regions termed as marginalised area in Kenya where he stands today wasn't an easy way but as a result of handwork and perseverance.Aden Duale was born in 1969 in Garissa County.Currently he represents Garissa Township as a member of parliament.In 1975 he joined Boystown primary school and proceeded to Garissa high school in1982 and finished his high school education in Moi Forces Academy Nakuru in 1986.

Aden Duale had passion in teaching profession and education in general.His father was a pastoralist and did not believe in education.Despite that Duale proceeded to Moi university to study bachelor of education and later did Executive MBA from Jomo Kenyatta University of Technology.

He was a teacher by profession.He started his career as a teacher at Sankur secondary school (1992).His career however did not last long,he taught for two months and seemed he had no interest in teaching profession.Duale came from a business family.After quiting the teaching profession he joined his family in doing business.He had a believe that in business that where money is.His passion in education never cease to end since he has been in the forefront to pursue form 4 leavers to pursue education saying teachers are assured of jobs.North Eastern Kenya has shortage of teachers,due to that Duale has always been convincing leaders especially in North Eastern to fully sponsor all students who meet the teacher training requirements and are willing to join the profession.

Early this year Duale criticised Tsc for massive transfers of teachers from North Eastern claiming the area insecure.