Radio Presenter Kamene Goro Says She Is Ready For A Serious Relationship


Kamene Goro is a beautiful lady who and also hardworking. Kamene Goro is currently a radio presenter at Kiss 💯 where she works with his co-worker known as Jalang'o.

Jalang'o is the man of fan and he also entertain his fans using the his social media accounts.

Jalang'o currently has a program in YouTube called Bonga na jalas where many people come together and share their stories.

The channel have been of importance mostly to the youth in this covid-19 pandemic period.

During the pandemic when students were at home Jalang'o started a program with Member of Parliament Embakasi East Babu Owino. The programme was lessons to the learners who attended the lessons at their free time.

So let's go to the main heading of this article, Kamene wrote on her Instagram account saying, " I honestly think I am ready for it. I think it's important. Maybe , sisi independent women tumekua too much. I miss someone asking me Uko? Unakuja saa ngapi? Umepika? Imagine , I will be leaving the show, nikimbie home, I go put that laundry machine, I go to another meeting, then I come back at launch time, cook and take the food to him to the office. I am serious. I will be cooking dinner every day and ironing clothes." Kamene wrote.

Can you be the one?