26 year old man from India with a toddler body

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There has been so many mysterious health conditions in the world that even medical doctors still don't understand. 26 year old from India Manpreet Singh was born with a rare condition that stopped him from growing one year after he was born. Manpreet's height stands at 23 inches and has an appearance and mental age of a child. At his age he's unable to speak and only communicates through cries.

Manpreet's family could not afford to have him properly diagnosed by doctors, which made it difficult to pinpoint exactly his condition. Upon hearing the case of Manpreet, Doctors from other countries diagnosed him with Laron Syndrome from afar. According to medlineplus.gov Laron syndrome is a rare genetic disease that results from the body's inability to use growth hormone.

From Manspreet's physical appearance, big feet, large hands and loose skin it is very much likely that he is indeed suffering from Laron Syndrome. No medication or remedy has been able to help him with his condition.

His family and community love Manpreet. His father mentioned in a video that Manpreet loves children and playing fun games. They respect him in his community and call him as a reincarnation of God.

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