Why many rival fans do not want Man Utd to sack Ole Gunnar Solksjær despite the poor results

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There is a common thing in the world of football where fans of rival clubs are happy when a particular football club loses or produces poor results. The case is not different in the case of Manchester United that followed up a Carabao Cup exit during the week with a loss against Aston Villa in the Premier League.

Club fans live to banter to each other, especially when the results of rival clubs are bad, or at least, worse than those of the club they support.

United's 1-0 loss to Aston Villa was their third defeat in the Premier League this season.

They were the only English club to lose on the UEFA Champions League matchday 1. Fans of Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, and even Arsenal enjoyed that.

Of the above-mentioned clubs, only United failed to make it to the fourth round of the EFL Cup. The rival fans loved that too.

While Chelsea's defeat against Manchester City was being confirmed on Saturday afternoon, United had a late chance to level things up against Aston Villa with a penalty. Bruno Fernandes stepped up to take the penalty and most fans expected the red devils indeed grab the equaliser. However, it was not to be.

Fernandes, usually United's Mr reliable when it comes to penalties, inexplicably and very uncharacteristically ballooned the ball to the other big stadium in Manchester. This meant that for the umpteenth time under Ole, rival fans have something to feast about.

**Bruno Fernandes blazes penalty over the bar

With United's third defeat this season, and in a space of four games, of course, fans of the club called for the manager's sack yet again as the #OleOut hashtag in social media is not strange thing to football fans.

However, despite calls by some of the club's fans for Ole's sack, most rival fans absolutely do not want him sacked.

Banter aside, United has one of, if not the strongest squad in the EPL. There is fear among rivals fans about what a better manager like, say, Antonio Conte or Zinedine Zidane might do with the squad.

Both managers are currently without job and if United indeed sack Solksjær, the club can afford to land either manager's signature.

**Antonio Conté (l) and Zinedine Zidane (r) could be on the list of United's targets if the club sacks Ole

United's exit in the EFL Cup during the week meant that Ole has failed to win any of 18 possible trophies during his time in charge, which is approaching three years now.

The last time United won any trophy was in 2017 under Ole's predecessor, José Mourinho. If United fail to land any trophy at the end of this season, that would be 4 years without the club winning any trophy (3 and half seasons under Solksjær).

**José Mourinho is the last United manager to win a trophy for the club

Solksjær has made it a habit of saving his job when the heat is highest by pulling off a string of great results. However, one suspects that nothing will be able to save him from the sack if he completes his third full season in charge without winning any trophy.

There is a section of United fans that do not want to wait until the end of the season to find out. They want him gone now with a world class manager replacing him. It's difficult not to see why.

Antonio Conté has won trophies with worse squads in different clubs. He knows what it takes to win the EPL and the FA Cup. Zinedine is a UCL serial winner. He won the La Liga the last time he was in charge of Real Madrid.

United already have the squad but if they must compete for trophies, signing a manager like either of the two mentioned will not be a bad idea. The rival fans know this, and for this reason, they do not want Ole sacked until it is already too late for United to win a trophy this season, at the very least.

**Ole Gunnar Solksjær

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