Checkout The Coffin Carrying Body Of A Popular Taxi Driver That Has Caused Massive Stir

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The recent circulating news that has undoubtedly sparked massive stir, debates and arguments across all social media platforms is the unexpected photo of the coffin carrying the body of a popular and talented taxi driver in the Eastern region of Ghana.

Death they say is a painful experience where family, friends and loved ones eulogize the deceased aside remembering their impact in the lives of individuals around them.

Most individuals who unexpectedly meet their untimely deaths end up having a befitting burial considering the kind of life they lived and the people they associated themselves with in their lifetime.

However, the sad story of this young man who met his untimely death isn’t different considering the impact he made on individuals around him and selfless personality he led throughout his life span.

Undoubtedly, the citizens within Asuom in the Eastern region has lost a great personality who was also a mentor to most of the upcoming youths in the vicinity aside being a dedicated taxi driver in the area.

Most of the individuals within the community depended on the deceased, Kelvin Abayeta, twenty-five years old in other to reach their respective destinations aside driving them bank home after a hard days work.

According to some members of the Asuom community, the deceased, Kelvin was a hard-working young man and dedicated to his duties as he ones saved the life of a pregnant woman even though he was jobless and had no vehicle.

With respect to this, the family and community members of Asuom in the Eastern region took the privilege to give the deceased, Kelvin a befitting burial considering his impact on the lives of the citizens within the community.

From the photos below, we can clearly notice notice that, the deceased was buried in a coffin which was designed just like a taxi bearing the red and yellow color.

Just like how some Okada riders and other hardworking individuals get buried with a coffin bearing their respective professions, the deceased taxi driver was also buried in a taxi as the residents and family members within the community paid their last respect to the deceased.

What are your thoughts on the coffin carrying the body of the popular taxi driver that has caused massive reactions online even though most individuals claimed otherwise?

Let’s know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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