PRAYER: Lord, Help Me To Remain Faithful To The End

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Believing what God says, loving what God says, being true to God's word, and being devoted and consistent to God's promises and laws are all ways to describe someone who is faithful.

There was this young man, a devout Christian, who did manual labor for one of the deacons. Eventually, the deacon was so confident in his loyalty that he made him the company's general manager. Today, by any metric, that young man is a success.

The significance of loyalty cannot be overstated. Hezekiah was spared the pains of dying because of his devotion to God. Remember how I have served you with my whole heart, always seeking to do what is right in your eyes," he pleaded with God.

In response to Peter's prayer, God brought Dorcas back to life because of her faith. Being loyal is a worthwhile endeavor. Every relationship, whether it be a romantic one or a professional one, requires faithfulness, and when we exercise that faithfulness, we will reap the benefits.

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