Top Journalist Praises JDM Over His Infrastructure Development


Journalists, are all the time curious trying all possible best to understand whatever happens under the Sun of man, that is exactly what the founder and CEO of Kofi TV who currently works as the director of news for the Angel Broadcasting Network, Stephen Kofi Adoma known professionally as Kofi Adoma Nwanwani did to former president John Dramani Mahama and received a response which has spiritual interpretation.

The Ghanaian journalist and philanthropist had an opportunity to interview the leader of the NDC as he praises JDM over the tremendous performance in the field of infrastructure development in the country. Shared his personal experiences after visiting Digital Center in Accra for his passport and that was his first time as a journalist to have witnessed the center, which looks very beautiful hence asked JDM why Ghanaians voted against him could be it wasn't what Ghanaians were looking for, but genuinely centered his focus on the field of infrastructure?

In responses, JDM was on record to have categorized his defeat on two areas; both physical and Spiritual orchestration against him. Talking on the physical side, he established that there was a deliberate propaganda from his opponent to tarnish his reputations.

On the spiritual aspect he was on record to have said sometimes people faces are covered and whatever he does might not plead people seems they can't see due to the spiritual implications. He referred Kofi Adoma to his testimony, claiming he commissioned the Accra Digital Center in the presence of top journalists in the country as tv stations took coverage. "If you were not aware then spiritual your face was covered that's why you didn't see it".

The video was shared by Yayra Koku through his facebook ward.

Watch it here.