Delay is not denial


You being born again in the holy ghost is the reason why you've been delayed a little while, it's not a problem, still you need to pray also, not protracted prayers, just ask the Lord once or twice and forget about it, He has heard. The reason why many are being delayed only for a little while is for them to build the original in other to secure the fake. That is; they have to grow in God before God releases them to enter into covenant with another, because it is the nature of God built in us that secures the relationship we have with our loved one in the earth realm.

However, there's another mystery why the Lord gave us marriage, if you should know, you'll never joke with it, for on that

day of God's judgement, those born of God who were married on earth will be judged in the aspect of marriage. Then, you'll know many really gave God a headache, well let's not go into that.

The Lord is keeping you only for a little while so that when you venture into marriage, your relationship with Him won't be deterred. In fact, He'll bring the right one for you, because only one with the spirit of God can walk with one who has the spirit of God.

You must have first equipped your heart and have a balanced marriage done with Jesus, you know what I mean, deep Intimacy. If you've been well equipped in Intimacy with God, then at the appointed time, God will bring the right spouse.