60-year old man beaten to death at church premises - Kesben FM confirms

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One of the painful service to God is serving the Lord at his temple and meeting your doom right there. The house of the Lord should be a place of refuge for the lost souls and the ones going there to redeem themselves and offer their services to the Lord, but when it becomes a place of condemnation, then worshipers start to worry about where to place their trust to. The Bretuo clan of Afrekyene near Mankranso has gone into a state of mourning and weeping after their father, brother and family member Kwadwo Mensah was beaten to death whiles serving the Lord at his church.

Afrekyene is one of the several deprived communities in the Mankranso District of the Ahafo Ano Constituency of the Ashanti Region. It is a town with a population of less than 12,000 people according to the 2019 census projection. The main source of living in the Afrekyene township is farming, cocoa and food crops. Opanin Kwadwo Mensah who is one of the respected and devoted Christians in the town was given a task by his church pastor to mobilize their members, and go and weed the church premises which has been taken over by plants. 

Opanin Kwadwo Mensah was able to mobilize the members of his church and together they set of to the church area to clear the bushy plants. As soon as they got there, they divided themselves into groups to make the work simple. Opanin Mensah took the first group and they headed to the north side of the church to start their work. As soon Opanin Kwadwo Mensah bent down to weed, he was hit by one bee on the forehead, and by the time he was able to shout for help, multitudes of bees came from nowhere and started attacking him. 

The animals gave him several punches in all parts of his body. Members of the church who were ready to rescue Opanin Kwadwo Mensah were also distracted by the bees as they went near him. None of the members at the church was touched by the bees except Opanin Kwadwo Mensah. He was rushed to the Mankranso Government Hospital but could not survive the attack. 

The bretuo clan and the whole township was surprised to hear about the bees, as such incidents has never happened in their town before. And the mere fact of no bees attacking any of the members at the scene makes them to believe something spiritual is behind it. They went back to the church premises and not a single bee was discovered after turning the whole premises upside-down. 

Opanin Kwadwo Mensah's body has since been deposited at the Mankranso Government Hospital mortuary waiting for burial. Family believes, until they find a cause to the death of their beloved, they won't bury him. Whiles some are pointing hands at a supposed family argument between Opanin Kwadwo Mensah and some of his family members on family headship, others are blaming the church members for not saving the man in time. 

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