Remarks From Johnson Muthama Concerning The Accident Which Happened In River Enziu Kitui County.

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Johnson Muthama who is among famous people on social media in Kenya today tweeted on his twitter page that The tragedy that took place at Enziu River in Mwingi, Kitui Sub county should be a lesson to those in elective posts that they should always do the right thing. Further, his Excellency the President should issue a directive (right away) for the road to be closed immediately.

Douglas tweeted, "Any directive is meaningless. It won't bring back especially those 11 members of one family. You're equally complacent. These knees jerk and reactive approaches bring more harm than good. Why lock the stable after the horse has bolted out?"

Kepher tweeted, "The road should not be closed it did nothing wrong. It's the people who elect people who doesn't have development record to blame. Why didn't county government use resources given to it every year to build infrastructure?"

Jimmyn tweeted, "After burial everything will go back to normal and no one will talk about it until another thing like that happen."

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