Check out the Amaizing Art work Of Craig the 53-year old Artist.


Craig Tracy, is a 53-year-old artistic work body painter who began painting at 16 years old. He at first functioned as an enhance with Photoshop painter in a shopping center and later filled in as a business artist before he went into full time body painting. He moved on from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. 

As an expert painter at 16 years old, He was perpetually discontent with regular workmanship. He went looking for another method of articulation which would be very not quite the same as the standard artistic work, that would exhibit his uniqueness and enhance his inventive point of view. This journey for something remarkable, uncommon and unprecedented landed him in the domain of artistic work body painting. His fine art incorporates arrangement of aptitudes that envelop finger-painting, splatter and dribbling, wiping and conventional paintbrush. 

Craig Tracy draws his motivation from nature, culture and innovative reasoning. He is an effective craftsman with a total assets of $20 Million, he claims the main workmanship studio on the planet to be committed to body painting fine arts, with the studio flooding with shocking photographic paper and canvas prints. Craig Tracy experienced childhood in New Orleans, Louisiana (U.S.A) and the city's energetic and vivid culture assumed an essential job in building his affection for workmanship. Like other body painting craftsmen, He utilizes the human body as a canvas for his works of art. 

In this specific artistic creation, be utilized 3 female models. This Tiger fantasy which he named "Salvation" was made explicitly to help a mindfulness crusade by an altruistic association called "Spare China's Tigers". 

As indicated by Tracy, this picture is the most yearning fine art he has ever taken a shot at. The fine art was propelled by a well known photo taken by a renowned natural life picture taker, Thomas Mingelson. This craftsmanship is one of Craig Tracy's most unequivocal picture with more than 5 million perspectives on the web. 

In that equivalent period, Craig Tracy made another fantasy of a panther, see picture beneath: 

This isn't a panther, despite the fact that it looks so much like one, this is really a blend of body painting and foundation, which were gathered to frame this life-like image of a panther. This panther hallucination was made utilizing only one model as should be obvious beneath: 

Picture : the model in the wake of being painted. 

Pictures: the model attempts to fit away from plain sight. 

Picture: Bolder view