Teacher Calls a Girl in Office, Begged to Engage in The Act With Her Not Knowing She Was Recording

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A teacher in South Africa has faced the full wrath of the law after being fired from the school he thought. The teacher was secretly eyeing a 14-year-old and wanted to engage in the act with her. Due to too much pressure from the teacher, the girl was forced to go to school with a mobile phone given out by her mother and secretly recorded him while he was begging her to offer goodies.

The teacher at Welkom Preparatory was forced out of school on Wednesday 22nd September 2021 after it was learned that the allegations against him were nothing but the truth. The panelist who listened to how the teacher conversed on the recorded audio said that the mother did a great thing.

The girl is said to have been left uncomfortable when the teacher whispered in her ear that he was going to penetrate her too much. It all started one day when the teacher drove them home on a rainy day and sat on the front seat, she narrated this to her mother who gave her the gadget to capture his ill acts.

After two days, the teacher called her and told her that they will take a ride, drink alcohol, and exchange saliva because her lips were so cute and resembled her privates, he then asked for her contacts and instructed her not to let the other learners know about their story.

Despite not attending the hearing against him in a court of law, the teacher claimed that the young girl had earlier requested alcohol from him.

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