Five Most Annoying Habits That Women Hate In Men But Won't Say


Five Most Annoying Habits That Women Hate In Men But Won't Say 

Love is a beautiful thing and whoever finds love finds a good thing. It's said that love has ups and downs and only true love lasts to eternity. In life they say nobody is perfect but people try to be perfect by doing good.

There are some behaviors that women find it as very bad In Men they hate it very much. The women will rarely tell you they hate it but definitely they will show you some actions. Here are some of the behaviors hated by women in men that they won't say 

Always Demanding More Than They Offer 

Women Hate men who tend to demand more from them than they can offer. This can be through demanding services like being cooked for and then the men can't even help them in some other chores in the house. Women love it when they share chores and other roles with their loved ones

Lack of Appreciation

Women like to be appreciated and praised. Some men never appreciate or commend on there wives even if they do them something good. Women Hate it when men don't appreciate them and instead keep complaining even after they do good things to them.

Silent Treatment When Mad

Many men tend to go silent when they are not happy about something or generally they are mad about something. This behavior doesn't go will with females as they tend to hate this behavior and men who practise this behavior doesn't make them happy but instead make women angry.

Keeping Ex Girlfriends As Friends 

Women Hate it when there men still talk or are in any connections with there ex lovers. This makes them feel insecure and even have lots of trust issues in the marriage or the relationship. It's advisable when one moves they cut off all their exes.

Not Listening To Her Demands

Ladies love it when men give them a listening ear and also take them seriously. Many men tend to act powerful than women even in a relationship an act that women Hate so much