Karen Nyamu's Post After Samidoh's Wife Shared a Picture of Her Daughter Online Elicits Reactions.

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City lawyer, Karen Nyamu have shared a post on her Instagram stories just a few minutes ago after Samidoh's first Edday Nderitu posted a picture of her daughter. Karen Nyamu who has been on the limelight since she started dating Samidoh caused controversy on Instagram after her followers noted the recent post.

Kenyan aspiring politician, Karen Nyamu have posted a picture of her youngest child just after Edday Nderitu shared a picture of her own. The mother of three took the opportunity to share Njeri's picture on her page. On the post, the little baby was in a red outfit. "She is so adorable", Nyamu stated on the post.

This came after Samidoh's wife posted Nimu Muchoki: Her daughter's picture on Instagram. On the caption section, Edday described her baby as a beautiful princes who she only wish that will grow in wisdom and stature. Here is the full post.

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