The Love letters that ashamed a university student (Opinion)


In a relationship, connection should be the number one priority of each lover towards the other.

The best way to maintain the relationship is by communicating to the other efficiently.

Back then in high school and some primary levels, a love letter was the best means of communication through which lovers could meet their connection demands.

But these days the love letter has been replaced by the phone chats via social media and other communication procedures due to the advancement in technology.

Despite the advancement in technology, there are still a few people who up to now use love letters to communicate with their partners.

In this article am going to share with you a university student, whose names and the university am not going to share for the issue of privacy.

This university student who was offering a medical course wrote a letter to a lover informing the lover that she had accepted the love proposal.

Having written the letter, she enveloped it so neatly and successively sent it to the recipient.

On reaching the recipient, the guy was so over whelmed and he was eagerly waiting to read what was in the letter.

On opening the letter, he silently read through but afterwards he was shocked on what he saw in the letter.

He decided to post the letter on his social media platform so as to seek advise whether he should go ahead with this girl or not.

Below is content in the letter.

The whole world was shocked about the contents in the letter and from the various critics in the comment, I decided to share the article with you guys so that you may tell me your view about the letter

If you were the recipient would you go ahead with this person???

To even make it worse the writer seems to be a medical student....... Now I wonder how will that person treat the patients just in case she graduates.

Tell me what you feel about that letter and tell me your opinion in the comment section

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