Ghanaian Striker Rescues A Community By Funding The Grading Of A Poor Road


Some of our celebrities are not selfish and greedy where they think about themselves and family welfare alone but rather have at heart their communities, as they refuse to leave all the burden on government.

Latest to have joined hands in fixing the country is a Ghanaian professional footballer who plays as a striker for Racing Club de Strasbourg Alsace and the Ghanaian national team, Abdul Majeed Waris as he moves to the aid of the good people of Lamashegu. A community in Tamale Metropolitan District in the Northern Region and contribute his little quota to the development of the society by using his hard earned in funding the grading of a road in Tamale after the locals had bitterly complained about the poor nature of the road.

 Abdul Majeed who really suffered before getting a good team to play, saw their pleas online and decided to come to their rescue, seems no government can solve all the problems especially road construction in Ghana within the shortest possible time, it’s impossible because the country doesn't has the luxury funds to fix them all.

 Hence a wake up call to all individual to look beyond politics and fixthecountry together.

That's great on the part of the striker as we pray the assembly won't come and stop his kind of gesture with the excuse that the road contract has been awarded unlike they did to others in time past in this country.

I won't be surprise if he decide to give it a massive facelift, the District Assembly guys will go like its under ministry of roads and high ways so you cannot do it, when you go to ministry they will say its under a feeder road contract so u cannot give it a facelift.