6 Simple Life Hacks You Should Have At Your Finger Tips


1. Sometimes when we wash our shoes, especially the white ones, they end up drying with some yellowish or brown stains on them. To prevent these, just wrap the shoes with some dry tissue paper after rinsing I. Leave it there until the shoes are dry. The purpose of the tissue is to absorb the pigments leaving the shoes white.

2. Tired of bubble gums getting stuck on your clothes? Worry no more. Soft drinks with caffeine, a good example is Coca-Cola can dissolve the gums easily. Just pour pour some Coca-Cola on the gum and wait for five minutes and there you go.

3. Many times our groceries go bad before we can consume them all. A good example is tomatoes. To improve the life span of these foodstuff just smear them with some egg whites. This prevents the entry of bacterias hence longer life.

4. Sweating is normal and can sometimes lead to body odour. This might happen when you don't have a deodorant. Just cut a piece of citrus fruit such as lemon and rub it on your skin, the odour will disappear.

5. During cooking process one sufuria can get stuck on the other. If this happens, just pour some cold ice water I the one inside. It will contract leaving the other one.

6. When cutting vegetables using knives, they sometimes stick on the knife. To prevent this, just sprinkle some salt on the vegetables while cutting.

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