The Stones Of Wealth - A Man Becomes A millionaire Overnight In East Africa


East Africa comprises of many countries, but three of these countries are Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

These countries are rich with minerals which have not been extracted yet, they include gold, copper,soda ash and many other valuable and precious ones.

In Tanzania a man aged 52 years old and married to four wives, a father of 30 children was extremely lucky last week when he extracted two precious lumps of stones called tanzanite.

The man is a small scale miner in the northern region of Manyara in Tanzania. His name is called Saniniu Laizer.

He fortunately dug out two tanzanite stones weighing 9.2kg and 5.8kg which he sold to the government for Tsh 7.8 billion which is equivalent to 357 million Kenya shillings.

He has said he will Celebrate his fortune by slaughtering one of his cows then after that he will build a school and a shopping mall in his district in Manyara.

President John Magufuli of Tanzania has called to congratulate Laier for his huge gain from the government safeguarded mines.

The head of state had promised in 2015 to safeguard the nation's interest in mining sector to increase revenue. Mr.Magufuli built a perimeter wall around the site believed to be the source of tanzanite. The site is found around the foot of Mt.Kilimanjaro.

This was done to curb smuggling of the precious stones by unauthorized persons. It comes in various colours, green, purple, red and blue.

However the clearer the colour of the stone, the higher the price. In fact it is used to make valuable ornaments that are found in the markets today.