Mixed Reactions As Kalenjin Community Changes Initiation Calendar To April Due To School Programmes


Following the change of school calendar in kenya after the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic many programme in some organisations were interfered.

Normal school programmes among the affected programmes ,kalenjin community has been forced to change their initiation calender due to affected school calendar.

The community which normally conducts their circumcision ceremonies in December has been forced to changed to April which is unusual.

The decisions comes as many schools will be forced to extend their normal upto December.

The standard eight candidates who are sitting for their national examinations from Monday will be the majority to be initiated after finishing their examinations on wednesday.

The community which values initiation as one of important stage of crossing over from childhood to adulthood.

The changing of initiation calendar is one of the rear occurrence and council of elders are expected to give their views.

The luhya community are well known for their initiation during Augusts,

despite the community embracing initiation culture it has been practicing both the cultural and modern rite of passage.

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