You Are Risking Your Life If You Are Above 50 and Still Cook With These 2 Things

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Do you know there are certain things you should never cook with as you grow older? These things can actually cause health hazards for you and if persistently used can even turn fatal. This is therefore the reason why you should be very selective in terms of what you eat or drink as your age advances.

In this article, we are going to have a look at the two things you should stop cooking with once you clock 50 and above to avoid hurting or exposing yourself to terrible health hazards. These 2 things don't directly affect you but will indirectly lead to a buildup of problems for you along the line.

1. Oil from Unknown Sources; do you know that cooking with oil that cakes while in cold temperature can be very deadly to the human body? If you are the type that often use Groundnut Oil that literally solidifies whenever it's in a cold place, then allow this article to play an eye opening role in your life. Such oil contains poor quality fat content that can block your arteries and thus increases your chances of having a stroke or a heart related issue. So it is highly advisable to only purchase oil from trusted companies/known companies.

2. Red Meats (Beef, Pork and Lamb); red Meats won't kill you as an aging individual but it will certainly increase the bad fat in your body system. You know as one ages, his or her body naturally finds it difficult to process fats, carbohydrates and many more, so constantly using red Meats to cook can increase your cholesterol level in the long run and this is one of the highest killers of humans. As you grow older it is far safer for you to consume chicken, fish and more of vegetables to avoid increasing the fat in your body.

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