Before You Say The Lesseyton Stadium Doesn't Worth R15m, Take Note Of These 3 Things

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We don't really get much for R15m nowadays, an ANC municipality in the Eastern Cape is under fire for its latest splurge.

It's no longer news that the new Lesseyton sports field has been officially opened. The aim of building the stadium is to give sports teams in the area a respectable surface to play on. Football, rugby, and athletics can all be hosted at the venue. 

However, this news hit a different spot on the body of most South Africans, they believe the stadium doesn't worth the R15m budget, they expected the stadium to be more standard and classy. 

Before you say the stadium isn't worth the R15m budget, here are 3 things you should take note of:

1. The Economy Is bad:

Unlike before, we got things very cheap, but now the economy has become so bad that what was sold for R20 now costs R40. I sincerely think that since the economy and the price of goods have risen, it may have affected the price of materials used in building the stadium.

2. The Dollar Exchange Rate:

The South Africa’s rand has fallen so bad to the point that the exchange rate of one dollar to South Africa is R15. In this context, I would like you to apply common knowledge—since a dollar is R15, how much will the materials used to build a standard stadium cost? 

3. Covid-19

Many countries are suffering from this deadly disease called The coronavirus, and from my research, South Africa is also one of those countries. Covid-19 can affect many things, including the shipping of goods from one country to the other. Here in South Africa, we don't have any company that specializes in making stadium materials, they must be shipped in from other countries which may require time and money for that type of transaction to be done.

Note: This is my opinion, you can share your own opinion in the comment section below.

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