Success Lessons from 50 Cents

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Want to hear some of 50 Cent’s success lessons?

50 Cent’s, or Curtis Jackson’s story is truly inspiring. Curtis was born and grew up in New York, and he didn’t have a lot of opportunities going for him when he was growing up.

From a very early age he began drug dealing to to cover his obsession for nice sneakers, and when he left the drug game to pursue a career as a full time rapper, he was shot nine times.

I don’t know about you, but to be shot nine times and still survive is a miracle.

50 Cent’s Success Lessons

After his strong recovery, 50 Cent went on to sell over 30 millions albums worldwide, and also make some very good investments in businesses, such as Vitamin Water which was sold to Coca Cola for $4.1 billion, his own record label and clothing company.

His latest venture being SMS Audio, his own headphone audio company.

Here are the success lessons from 50 Cent:

1. The Only Voice that Matters is Yours

Others will consistently be attempting to constrain their assessments on you when you're attempting to something that probably won't be considered as expected. 

They don't exactly have a similar vision you have, and perhaps they're advising you not to proceed with it or to re-center your energy somewhere else. 

Try not to question your voice and your assessment. You become what you accept and what you continually advise yourself. Assuming you have questions in the thing you're saying, how might you expect every other person to trust in you?

2. Reinvent Yourself

When you get started operating in the business world, most things you will be doing be be exactly the same as other businesses are.

Yet, things never stay something very similar, and you should adjust to new conditions to stay aware of the world moving however quick as it very well might be. 

An infamous illustration of this is the presentation of web-based media sites, which in spite of the fact that have existed for longer than 10 years, the promoting side of things didn't exactly come in until quite a while prior. 

Before web-based media, a great many people would showcase their sites utilizing strategies like indexes, article promoting, etc. Albeit these are as yet utilized as traffic strategies, nothing can beat web-based media at the present time.

3. Don’t Compromise Your Character

In this present reality where everybody is extraordinary, so numerous feelings and way of life decisions can be moved upon you by others you know. Try not to allow this to occur; act naturally, you are this route which is as it should be. This assertion goes for your objectives also.

Don’t let your family and friends try and tell you that your goals are unrealistic and that you’ll never reach your dreams. Your character is very important and is who you are. It makes you unique to the world.

4. Believe in Yourself

One of 50 Cent’s rules, much like that of any other successful individual, is to always believe in yourself. That you need to believe in what you’re trying to achieve, in order to put in all your effort and action that’s required to do so.

Without this conviction, you'll battle to invest all the exertion required on the grounds that toward the rear of your psyche you're feeling that it probably won't be conceivable. 

You will not go anyplace with your undertakings in the event that you don't really accept that you can do it in any case. Put stock in yourself, persuade yourself and you will accomplish significance.

5. Have Faith & Keep Working

Things won’t always go your way when you’re working hard to achieve success.

Here and there regardless of how hard you figure your functioning, they'll in any case be things not going very your way. Try not to allow this to entice you to surrender. Have confidence in the thing you're doing and continue to buckle down.

Persistence and confidence are two things you will definitely need in order to move closer towards your goals.

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