Seven Things You Need to Teach Your Child and Watch Him or Her Grow into Responsible Adult


Many parents wonder why sometimes they have very sturbbon children especially when they reach 18 years. However, some of this weird traits were influenced by parents during the child young age. However, proper parenting requires that a parent has raised his or her child in the most civilised way. Here are seven key things parents need to teach their children to become responsible people when they grow up.

1. Help Your Child Develop Self Reliance

In most times we are obsessed with our children to an extend of wanting to do everything for them. Its always good to teach your child self reliance. There are some things you need to let the child do by him or herself. This way, the child will grow up understanding that not all the time he or she need to depend from other people for help or support.

2. Don't Treat Your Child Like They are Little all the Time

As a parent, you need to understand that as the child grows, she or he needs to be taught some things even at a young age. Don't assume that he or she is just a child and can drive, can't use laundry machine, can't cook. Let him or her do it at your supervision and with time she or he will become an expert. Suppose you become sick and your child is the only person at home. If he or she doesn't no how to drive, will he take you to hospital? Will he use the laundry machine to wash?

3.Teach Your Child Self Discipline

Self disciple is one thing that most parents ignore. A child need to know that whether or not there supervision, he or she needs to take his or her responsibility. Don't supervise them ever time they undertaking a task. Let them do on there own.

4. Allow Your Child to do Mistakes

As parents we have never known that sometimes children's making mistakes makes them learn. Experience is the best teacher. Most times as parents we yell or beat our children when they make mistakes. However, the best thing is to use that opportunity to make the child learn. If the child gas broken a toy, don't be quick to buy another one. Just relax and let her miss the toy. Next time she gets the toy, she will be very carefully not to break it as opposed to when you beat her and buy another one.

5. Teach Your Child Self Control

Children mostly learn self control from their parents. Can you as a parent control your temper and emotions. Do not direct your temper always yo your children even if they for wrongs. Instead, guide and counsel them.

6. Let Your Child Answer Questions if Asked

Allowing your child to answers questions if asked by other people develops what we call rational thinking. The child will be able to think critically given an opportunity to tackle a a hard situation.

7.Give Your Child an Opportunity to Choose for Themselves

Most times when buying gifts parents chooses for us. However, giving a child to have what best suits his or her heart breeds what we call love and affection. The child will grow up knowing that he or she is sometimes also given an opportunity to choose what best suits for him or her. This extends to even the career.


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