Can't Remember Your KRA Pin and the Password? This is How to Retrieve Them


1. Forgotten KRA pin

Sometimes recalling your KRA pin may be very difficult especially if you have so many other numbers memorized. You don't have to carry around KRA pin certificate like an ID just because you will need somewhere to confirm your pin. You can easily retrieve it from your email. 

a) First thing is to ensure that you are connected to the internet (i.e. data turned on). 

b) Open/login into the email or Gmail account you used to register for KRA pin and then select the search icon. 

c) Search for the key word KRA pin. All the messages ever sent to you by KRA containing the pin will appear. Open one of them and you will find your KRA pin in it. 

However this only works if you have not deleted such messages from your mail. If you have cleared up your mail inbox then the method described above will not be effective. You will have to check from the KRA pin certificate or seek help from KRA customer care service.

2. Forgotten password 

Almost everyone if not everybody has gone through this since the default password issued by KRA is normally very complex. 

a) The first step after logging into the iTax portal and entering your KRA pin is to click the section written 'forgot password/unlock account'. A recovery password for unlocking KRA account will be sent to your email account. 

b) Log into your email/Gmail account and check the most recent message sent by iTax/KRA. (Your recovery password) 

c) Use the new password mailed to you to unlock your account and then create a new password that you can remember easily. (e.g. your phone number)

d) Select the appropriate security question for example 'city of birth' and answer it. Read the two sets of KRA policy; terms and conditions and place ticks ( √ ) in the provided tiny boxes. Once done click on 'submit'. If it goes through then you have successfully changed the password. The new password that you created is the one you will use henceforth.