Junet Mohammed Reveals The Legitimate Reason Why Raila Visited Mombasa County


Latest news updates recently had it that Raila was today going to visit the people of Mombasa County. This marks his forth day since he visited the coastal region. According to recent reports, the going with Raila has actually been very good as people continue to grant him at most respect. Today, just after having a strategic and planning meeting with his allies, Raila proceeded to the streets of Mombasa for his plans.

According to what was unveiled by his closest ally, it appears to be Raila had certain specific agendas. With reference to what was unveiled on Twitter, Junet Mohammed quoted this.

"Day Four meet-the-people #BBI sensitization meetings and rallies here in #Mombasa. The people here prefer the 35% County Allocation increment, three new constituencies and more resources. In this scorching sun, wheelbarrows cannot be the future. @RailaOdinga @HassanAliJoho."

According to what Junet just tweeted, it appears that Raila's visit to Mombasa is among the plans to continue the Building Bridges Initiative music. This happens as the Building Bridges Initiative continues to face rejection in some counties. Now, the question remains to be will Raila Odinga really make it to see his dreams come real.

All we can do is literally wish him all the best ahead of what awaits him in a few months to come. However, this has literally continued to pose a minor challenge in the economy. Either way, all we can do is hope for the best for Raila.

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