Why Ederson Could Be Named The Best Goalkeeper In Europe.

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Ederson Moraes a Brazillian national is considered as one of the fearless goalkeepers in Europe. He is renowned to be quick and has impressing reflexes. Ederson who is the current Mancity's number one goalkeeper is aged twenty eight years and has height of 1.88 metres, has competed uncountable saves in football history. He has appeared in more than 30 matches this season in the premier league and 9 UEFA champions league matches this season.

Most importantly he has maintained a clean sheet in both legs against Athletico Madrid. Ederson has denied Athletico their chance to go to the semi-finals this season.

This is why Ederson has a chance of being awarded the golden glove in the end of the Champions league if by chance Mancity wins the title. Otherwise Ederson may soon be the best goalkeeper in his prime age and his legacy may carry on if he continue to inspire other goalkeepers in the making.

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