Chicken heist goes wrong: Over 1 000 boxes of chicken recovered and hijackers arrested – Pictures

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Cops have captured 19 individuals regarding the heist of more than 1000 boxes of chicken on Wednesday, 4 August, in Wynberg, Cape Town. 

Police representative, Brigadier Novela Potelwa said 1155 boxes of chicken worth around R600 000 were captured however recuperated later around the same time. 

"After a truck with a heap of frozen chicken was seized on Ottery Road in Wynberg on Wednesday morning, individuals from Operation Lockdown II with a following organization followed data about the whereabouts of the vehicle with the load," she said. 

Potelwa said subsequent to getting hints, they followed the plunder and jumped on the 19 presumes who were occupied with stacking the chicken into nine vehicles on Cochrane Avenue in the Epping region. 

"The 19 speculates matured somewhere in the range of 25 and 50 were captured and accused of ownership of the taken property. A gun with ammo was likewise found on one of the suspects. It was sent for ballistic testing to decide whether it was used in the commission of a wrongdoing. Another vehicle, a car, was additionally found on the scene," she said. 

"Every one of the nine vehicles have been seized as a feature of the examination. The assessed worth of the taken boxes of chicken is R600 000. As examinations concerning the episode proceed, the chance of the speculates dealing with extra indictments can't be precluded. The proprietor of the truck and transfer, a financial specialist, has since recognized the things seized," she said.

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