Akothee's Biggest Happiness After Her Dream Came True

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Afro-Beats singer Akoth Esther alias Akothee today got her dreams published after her long prayer and hard work.

"And my mom read for me The book of Proverbs : 31.We then prayed and work begun I thank God for my mom in my life," said the happy Akothee.

Akothee described how she used to pray with the support of her loving mother, believing that her diligence shall never go unrewarded. In her Facebook page, the Afro-Beats singer portrays her happiness during the groundbreaking of her Jumba Suits and Spa. She considers this as one of her big attainment in life.

The singer explained how the community has been behind her in all aspects of life thanking them for the love and security they've offered her since.

During the groundbreaking of the building, Akothee hinted that it's the community which has been in the forefront and she didn't hire and outside except for some expertise.

"No employee is coming from outside , apart from the expertise, the rest are from the community surrounding me ,they are my first security and that's the rule ,I have given to the Contractor," concluded Akothee.

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