ODM Supporters React Over Handshake Cracks Reports


Political Scientists will tell you politics is dynamic and it changes anytime without expecting.

ODM supporters are not happy lots after rumors emerged that the famous March 2018 handshake is no more.

Today at 1pm, Blogger Robert Alai alleged that handshake was over and Kenyans should wait for the big announcement anytime.

“Handshake Over!! Wait the announcement,” Robert Alai alleged in his Twitter post.

Well as the rumour is still fresh in people's mouths, another ODM blogger Dikembe, has made a contentious remarks about shelving the BBI amendment bill till after 2022.

It's is in public domain that ODM politicians and supporters lead by Raila Odinga to have a referendum conducted by this July 2021.

As Alai alleges we as Kenyans are on stand by to see how thing unfold going forward.

Pius Rutto~ You were excited when Raila pushed Ruto out of jubilee, but you didn't read the times ahead, it was clear that Uhuru was making room to groom Gideon and time has come for that big announcement, Ruto knew and sorted his way forward.”

What do you think about this whole thing. Do you believe that the famous handshake is over? Drop your comments at the comment section and share the article.

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