How to make 30,000 per month doing online work in Kenya.


Online writing jobs in Kenya:

Online writing simply entails creating text on a computer, smartphone,or any digital device. As long as you have the required skills, you can earn from writing content using your computer, smartphone or tablet.

Diffarent types of online writing.

Article writing: writing articles and blog posts.

Academic writing: writing essays,disseration, journals,lesson plan and other content ment for academic purpose.

Social media content writing: writing post for diffarent social media platforms like facebook, instagram and twitter.

. 3 best freelace writing jobs in Kenya.

1. Falcon writers.

It is one of the best writing sites in Kenya with a constant reliable supply of jobs. The content creator is at liberty to chose what he or she wants.

2. Upwork.

Upwork platform offers a diverse opportunities in writing: design and creative , sales and marketing, web, mobile and software development.

Pay can be hourly or a fixed price.

3. Pay per content.

Pay per content is a freelance writing website that requires writers to register for them to become members. The site offers various freelance writing jobs such as article, blogs and web copies.