Silas Of Maria Writes Pure Kisii On His Instagram Page.


Isaboke Nyakundi,popularly known as Silas, is one of the talented actors in Kenya. He acted on one of the episodes dubbed Maria that was being aired on citizen television every weekdays at 7.30pm. Silas acted as one of the guys from ghetto who was very humble and respectful. His talent in acting made him gain more fans and followers on his social media handles.

Silas has landed in different advertising jobs with big companies. He does this job so well thus attracting many customers to the advertised commodity. This has made him more famous and people like working with him. In real life,Isaboke Nyakundi is a young man from Kisii county who is humble and loves football matches so much.

On his Instagram page,he posted one of his tbt photo that caused mixed reactions.

Silas Dropped a reply to one of the comments in pure kisii and this was so amazing. This only means that Silas is proud of his origin and she can't deny being who he is. This is indeed a good example to all celebrities.

Silas is doing well in his industry as an actor and he is going far indeed. Please share your comment.