Oyo Tribal Clash: 3 Quick Things Makinde Can Do To Stop Any Form Of Likely Reprisal Attacks


One of the oldest Western State called Oyo is seriously under siege as one part of the state is going through a tribal clash which is about to engulf the whole state if care isn't taken. At the time of this writing, about 11 persons have been killed and buried while about 3,000 people have been displaced in the Shasha tribal clash. It all started few days ago when some Hausa indigenes plying their trade in the aforementioned market got into a fierce confrontation with some of set of Yoruba sellers. The situation got out of hands as some Hausas were attacked in the market while their shops and market wares was razed down by fire. Reports even had it that the Yorubas took the fight to the homes of the Hausas living in the affected area.

It was indeed an ugly incident as so many Nigerians are condemning the attacks on the Hausas living in Shasha in Oyo State. They are all calling for peace, tolerance and brotherly love to exist between all tribes living in any part of the country. The Governor of Oyo State, Engineer Seyi Makinde as the Chief security officer of the state has already imposed a curfew in the affected areas to restore peace and order. But as good as this move taken by Makinde might sound, I think he has to go the extra to avoid any form of reprisal attacks from the Hausas which is very likely to happen if care isn't taken.

In my opinion, I think the governement of Oyo State under the leadership of Seyi Makinde should take the bull by the horn by doing these three quick things without further delays.

1. Calling for a town hall peace meeting between the Hausa living in the affected area and the Yorubas living there as well:

The above step will go a long way in building again the broken bridge of trust, peace and tolerance which is truly lacking between the people living in Shasha community. In the meeting, Makinde should tender an unreserved apology to the Hausas for the killing, displacement of some of their brothers in the Shasha tribal clash. This will surely go a long in fostering the needed peace and reconciliation required to counter any form of reprisal attacks that might happen.

2. Makinde should open up a panel of inquiry to find out the cause of this tribal clash in a view of bringing these perpetrators to book.

3. Makinde should compensate the Hausas who were displaced and their stalls destroyed. Doing that will help those displaced because of the tribal clash to start life afresh without much hurdle.

Do you agree with these 3 things I penned down as the solution to the tribal clash that just happened in Oyo State? If yes or no, kindly state your reasons in the comment box below.

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