Femi Falana calls for the impeachment of president Buhari over worsening insecurity in Nigeria


Human rights lawyer, SAN Femi Falana, has called for the resignation of the president of the federal republic of Nigeria (Muhammadu Buhari), over the state of insecurity in Nigeria saying that the country was at war with terrorism and the president has shown gross incompetence in dealing with the situation.

As reported by People's Gazette, the radical lawyer called for the National assembly to impeach the president as he shown over and over again that he cannot handle the insecurity challenges in the country. Falana cried about the growing tension from attacks by Boko Haram insurgents, Armed Bandits kidnapping students even the attacks of unknown gunmen in the South East and South South regions of the country.

Providing security of lives and properties is the basic requirement of a sitting government, and when they cannot do that for their citizens then it is right to demand for the removal of such government. No nation can have a blossoming economy without a stable security, in short if there is any form of crime in a state then it can not grow or be developed.

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