Bella of TV3 DateRush claims the show is a sham after exposing several of the competitors.

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In an interview with Gh page TV, she stated these things. According to Bella, who was on the show as Kodak's date, Kodak announced on the air that night that she was the only woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

Bella said she was a little surprised when she heard those statements from Kodak. This was because Kodak had earlier made an eye-to-eye contact with one female contestant called Bibi for about 10 minutes before choosing her as a date that night. She hinted that it was recently he saw some old pictures of Bibi and Kodak on social media which showed that both knew themselves already before showing up on the program. 

She also said another female contestant called Sandra who had Bebelino as a date knew themselves before they came to stage.

She finally said, she had an argument with Kodak which made him angry. It was then Kodak opened up he never came for a date but was just playing around.

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