Five Parts In Your Body That You Should Never Shave No Matter What


Many of people shave everyday whereby it might be for temporary appearance or just for hygiene. Most of us can shave these parts before going to bathroom or even after the shower. But have you ever asked yourself what negative effects this might have on you?

In the worst case, some people use unstandardized dull razors in these areas. In this article, we will see areas you should not shave and the reason.

a.) Eyebrows.

The reason why this area should not be shaved is that the hair tends to turn black and become very thick. Instead to shaving, you should try waxing, adjusting and threading them.

b.) Neck.

Some people tend to scrape the long sparse blonde or sometimes dark hair on our necks, where this hair regulates the heat during the cold time.

c.) Lower and upper side of the lips.

Women who have hair growth on their upper and lower side of lips should not shave. This is because when you start shaving, it paves the way for the rapid growth of facial hair, and they will multiply in large numbers.

d.) Stomach.

If you shave them will be the bad decision because they will grow back, and the result will be very unattractive and unfriendly.

e.) Arms.

Instead of shaving your arms, you should wax them. This is because the moment you shave, it turns out to be stubborn and grows faster.