Trending Now:Whichever Political Arrangement Uhuru Decides To Back It'll Have Gideon As Running Mate


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According to the Star Official Twitter account Uhuru Kenyatta will back any political arrangements that will be having Gideon Moi as the running mate.

Uhuru Kenyatta will be retiring come 2022 after he have served for two terms. According to Kenyan constitution he can't vie for president post for another term. So what is remaining is handing over the powers to another person.

According to the star, "It’s a delicate game, which if not played well, will likely result in him handing over power to his current worst enemy. The question is, with all the historical political and electoral injustices Raila has gone through in the hands of the past regimes, can he be trusted with this “special parcel”?". The post in the Star official account stated.

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