True love indeed: Age difference between Patrice Motsepe and his wife will leave you stunned

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It’s so beautiful and inspiring to say that love wins no matter what the circumstances. Love is not determined by age, finances, and family background. If the above reasons do not apply to whether two people are in love, that is considered pure and true love. But these days, it’s very rare to find love, because people only examine what you have before loving you rather than loving who you are.

 Talking about South Africa’s most inspiring and most beloved couple, one is inseparable Patrice Motsepe and his beautiful wife, Precious Moloi. The two have been together for 31 years and they still continue to be as acquainted yesterday. Patrice Motepe and his wife show young people that they should stay with their wives and accumulate wealth no matter what.

 When they met each other more than 30 years ago, they didn’t have what they have now. However, through love and support, they were able to accumulate wealth and become one of the richest black couples in South Africa.

 Both were not influenced by black community norms that a man should be no less than 10 years older than a woman. The self -proclaimed billionaire, Patrice Motsepe, was born on January 28, 1962. By 2021, the businesswoman and mining magnet will be 59 years old. On the other hand, his wife Moloi-motsepe was born on August 2, 1964, and he was 57 until 2021. The age difference was only two years and they were able to be together for many years.

 Many people, especially those from the black community, have the idea that if a man is not older than a woman, the relationship will almost never work out because women have a tendency to disrespect one another. men not too old for their years. However, those are just people’s assumptions, not proven.

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