Did you try applying for SASSA Grant and it got declined? Here is the reason why. (Opinion)

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You want to know why you weren't accepted, don't you? Feel compassion for the person and try to understand some of the underlying reasons. The charm communication will move forward on Monday, June 27, and all requests for information should be emailed to srd.dsd.gov.za.

I went through the process of changing my family name in December of last year, and when I applied with the upgraded one shortly after getting my new ID and marriage proof, I was told that my application would not be accepted. Why, taking into consideration the fact that all of that information is already filled in on my identity record? Indeed, even @HomeAffairsSA can attest to it being the case.

This is completely incorrect, not to mention unfair. I had someone tell me that he had been declined because he had another source of income, and he said that he receives R600 from his grandmother every month to pay for electricity and services, but that amount has been reduced to R400 because of the winter, and the other money is used to pay for his family's education.

There is no significant reason for the decrease in your population.

You are saying that people have income of their choosing.

Forgetting the fact that we cannot allow people to continue and not send them money to spend on the basics when they are in a difficult situation without a paddle.

You are messing with people's feelings towards deplorable socioeconomic classes.

Source:https://twitter.com/officialsassa/status/1540286991987793920?s=21&t=xAfXP PraB jA9e9B6FS w

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