Check out photos of the deceased Lookalike father of Shatta bundle that might cause sadness


Today in this article, I will be sharing with you some photos of the deceased Lookalike father of Shatta bundle.

Firdaus Iddrisu popularly known as Shatta Bandle is a diminutive social media influencer who came to the limelight after he claim to be richer than richest man in African Dangote. From there, Shatta bundle has been a household name as his name is mention often.

Though many know his claims do not reflect what is in his pocket, his social media lifestyle comes off as a comedy to many and that has won him over half a million fans on Instagram.

The social media sensation Shatta bundle has a handsome father of which they is a striking resemblance between them. Unfortunately, Shatta bundle father who goes by the name Alhaji Iddrisu has kicked the bucket.

On the 20the of July 2021, Shatta bundle made it known to his fans that he has lost his dearest father. It was reported that Alhaji Iddrisu died after suffering from a short illness.

Below shows photos of the Lookalike father of Shatta bundle;

May his soul rest in peace.

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