Amanda Du Pont Cheated on Cassper Nyovest During Their Relationship

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Once upon a time, Cassper Nyovest once released a song called 'Super Ex' addressing his breakup with Boity Thulo and during a part of the song he took a jab at his another ex, Amanda Du Point

I think I should repeat that the song, 'Super Ex' wasn't directed at Amanda Du Point at all but rather Boity Thulo whom Cassper was dating for some time but because with most relationships, "it always ends in tears" so did theirs. Cassper was so hurt to the point where he saw it necessary to release the song and address the breakup with Boity as pressure was mounting on to him and people were constantly mocking him on social media for letting go of the baddest girl in the South.

The part of Amanda Dupont cheating came during the ending part of the song where Cassper rapped, "Atleast you never cheated like Ms Du Pont" although Amanda Du Pont never replied to the song, it was still a bold statement from Cassper to make especially considering he's a superstar and somebody cheating on him only signals weakness from his side.


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