Leo Messi won't continue at Barca - Barca Presidential candidate gives latest update on Leo's future


Barca presidential Candidate Joan Laporta made a Bold statement yesterday, regarding Leo Messi's future at the club, which revolves mainly around him.

The Ex Barca President said Leo Messi will most likely Leave the Catalan club, if he(Laporta) do not win the Election's, come Sunday.

🎙[@tjuanmarti] | Laporta: “I have a great relationship with Messi and the proposal that I make will be valued. If I don’t win, I’m sure Leo won’t continue at Barça.”

Laporta has consistently used Leo Messi's name to increase his chances of winning the election. Yesterday's statement was another impressive move by Laporta to influence the Barca faithfuls into making him the President of the club once again.

Leo Messi and his family recently pledged allegiance to Joan Laporta's party, backing the Spaniard to win the election. It'll be a big surprise if he(Joan) lose the election on Sunday.

Joan Laporta: “We may not be able to compete on a money level, but Messi is not governed by that. He wants to finish his career as high as possible. With Messi, I have a relationship of esteem & respect.

Leo Messi is yet to make a decision on his future, but fingers are pointing towards a move to Man city or PSG. The only way to keep the Argentine at the Club beyond this season, is for Barca to win a major trophy.

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