The blood was bought; I don't have HIV; it was cover up & acting -former HIV ambassador confesses.

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The blood was purchased; I do not have HIV; it was a cover-up and an act of deception - says a former HIV ambassador.

Joyce Dzidzor Mensa, a former HIV AIDS ambassador, held her long-awaited press appearance yesterday night, which was widely anticipated. According to her, she is not afflicted with any sickness, much less HIV. A cover-up and acting were involved in Joyce's latest live HIV AIDS test in front of journalists in June 2021, according to her admission. She went on to explain that the blood that was utilized for that particular test had been infectious blood that had been purchased from an anonymous source that she refused to name.

Because the news of her HIV negative report kept trending, the Ghana AIDS commission was losing money, Joyce claimed, and as a result, she was allegedly invited by certain NDC gurus to do the test in order to establish that she was infected with the virus.

"That test was utilized to save the Ghana AIDS commission and a large number of individuals from being prosecuted. They would have answered questions about why they were sponsoring an HIV-negative woman like me with public monies if I had asked them about it. When I fabricated that claim in front of the press, those individuals were set free and able to resume receiving sponsorship "Joyce made the announcement during a press conference.

"Unfortunately, the money that had been promised never materialized. That is the source of my suffering right now. More importantly, I've never had a cold or flu. I am not infected with HIV or AIDS." Joyce Dzidzor Mensa has been listed as a contributor.

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