Donald says ODM Nomination tickets Should be given only to those who have shown loyalty to Raila

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Donald Kipkorir who is among famous people on social media in Kenya today tweeted on his twitter page that ODM Nomination tickets must be given only to those who have shown unwavering loyalty to Raila Odinga. To give a ticket to one who was once ODM then left it to flirt with Baba’s foes & even join them in deriding Baba, is a mistake. But those joining ODM from other Parties are ok.

Tom tweeted, "I think you are right only if Party members are allowed to vote them out. Any other organ would be undemocratic to deny them an opportunity to participate in the on going Party Nominations."

Salim tweeted, "This is the mindset we must reject. It’s no longer performance but loyalty. Even if one is a battery just because he kissed baba he deserves nomination. This DBK hapana!"

Jakatwanga tweeted, "According to this school of thought, Paul Otuoma who left ODM in 2017 should not have gotten the ticket because Florence has never left?"

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