BOLO Polo vivo stolen in Rietvlei JHB South allegedly stolen because of rims owner says

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Be on the look out: the Polo vivo was stolen yesterday in Rietvlei Johannesburg South, while the owner was steal shopping it was reported that it was taken by 2 unidentified suspected. The owner of the vehicle said the vehicle draws too much attention and regret ever putting nice rims on the polo because it is what they mostly want together with polo parts.

Further said it will be real luck if my vehicle get recovered, it is possible on rocks or bricks the suspects started with the rims of my vehicle, said owner of the vehicle. When he discovered that his vehicle was gone he felt like he was dreaming right where he packed. The owner is in regret of putting nice rims on his ride to make it look the part only for it to draw attention of hijackers.

The owner confirmed today to the police after opening a case that the vehicle had tracking devices, he gave the license plate of the vehicle and images or pictures of his vehicle.

The license plate is BK 72 PH GP silver polo with nice rims, it was stolen around 5-6pm yesterday. It is quite sad moment for the owner who just got his vehicle new kit and it gets stolen, the rims are expensive. Daily tip make sure you get a tracking device for your ride to make it easier for it to be located.

According to the information given the owner thinks CCTV camera on where the vehicle was packed might have caught the whole scene, it might also assist in identifying the suspects who stole his lovely vehicle.JMPD are conducting a crime prevention patrol in Johannesburg, of which the operation had help so much in recovery of several vehicles. Stay safe South Africans, and always be on the look out.

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