Blessings Lung'aho aka Madiba of Zora Finally Reveal His Love Life Status.

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Lung'aho is such kind of celebrity who keeps his life alway from social media. Many fans having questioning about his love life. This is because no pictures nor captions that suggest is have ever been posted on any of his social media platforms.

He recently finally to give a open forum to his followers where he told them to ask him any questions about his personal life. Many women got a chance to admit their affection toward this handsome actor.

Many ladies actually wanted to know if the TV star was married, dating of single. Blessings made it known to public that he was in a serious relationship and soon he will tie knot with the love of his life.

Further, he revealed that soon he will be visiting the tailor to have his wedding gown made for the celebration of their union and accomplishments.

He however didn't mention who the luckies lady is. This put his funs in suspense and eager to know her.

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