5 Crazy Things You Will Find In Dubai

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According to HPL magazine, there are 5 most incredible things you'll only discover in Dubai, a city with a strong reputation for being over the top in everything they do, range from the most magical garden in the world to the most outrageous desert activities you could ever hope for.

1. The superbus

This ambitious idea combines sustainable mobility with futuristic aesthetics and opulence. It's a cross between an ordinary bus and a train, if you will. It's a new electrically powered vehicle that can reach speeds of up to 155 mph. Dubai intends to construct a fresh new motorway lane dedicated solely to the mega bus. This vehicle is not only designed to be less expensive than a train, but it is also designed to be more environmentally friendly.

2. a man-made island

This manmade island in the shape of a palm tree within a circle, known as Palm Jumeirah, can only be found in Dubai. It can be observed from orbit because it covers over 1380 acres. It is home to a number of high-end apartments and hotels. This island was created by dumping sand and rocks into the sea, which means they both begin to erode as soon as they enter the water. This was a war against nature, making it one of history's most ambitious enterprises.

3. World's first temperature controlled in-door city

The plans for this crazy project have been revealed by Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al-Makhtum. This 48 million square foot project, dubbed The Mall of the World, will not only be the world's largest, but also the first in-door climate controlled metropolis.

There will be 100 hotels, serviced apartment complexes, a cultural celebration center with a capacity of 15000 people, a temperature-controlled retail street network, a theme park, an 8 million-square-foot mall, and a hospital on the inside. Over 180 million people are projected to visit this metropolis each year.

4. The first gold-dispensing ATM in the world

The Emirates Palace hotel in Abu Dhabi boasts the first gold ATM in the world in its foyer. Gold prices fluctuate, and the ATM automatically updates the pricing every hour.

5. Exotic animals as pets

Pictures and videos of Sheikhs and princes of the United Arab Emirates posing with their lions and taking tigers to public beaches abound on the internet. Having exotic pets is seen as a sign of riches and status.

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