"Even If You Where Super Tired Would You Give Your Seat To An Elderly Person?

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Even If You Where Super Tired Would You Give Your Seat To An Elderly Person?

While growing up everyone at some point was taught to respect elderly people as it is a way to attract blessings in one's life. If an elder person does not have a seat it means you as a younger person should stand and the elder person seat nomatter how tired you might be. The young person is bound to do that without hesitation as the elder person would be more tired than them. And that is a way to show respect to your elders.

Giving up your seat for elderly citizen is considered as good manners. You would feel guilty if there is an elderly person around standing while you are sitting. As human beings we where taught to take care of those who are weaker than us weather an elder person, sick person, disabled, a womam holding a baby or a pregnant women.

Showing respect should never be old or old fashioned. But sometimes the senior citizens always want to take advantage of their age. Offering a seat should not only be limited to old people only. Everyone that would be in need of a seat should be afforded one young or old. Even a younger person may be exausted and tired or more ill.



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